-Say what you need to say-

People will always enter and exit your life. Unfortunately, time is rarely kind enough to leave us with a well-rounded, satisfying ending. We’re usually left cold, confused, hurt, angry and lost. Time, as beautiful as it is, cannot grant us mercy. We will inevitably part ways with each other. Be it through break up, death, falling out…it’s going to hurt, it’s going to happen, and you’re going to need to heal. Say what you need to say to whomever you need to say it to. Write it, delete it, edit it, share it or just get it out.

Maybe you’re experiencing something similar to someone else. Maybe you’re having a harder time processing, or it could be the exact opposite. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone.

Remain anonymous or not but please do not post any private information or names without consent. Emotions make us say and do stupid things. Without a proper outlet, it can be dangerous. Be respectful. You’re not alone in this.

Please do not wait until it’s too late. Help is available anytime you need it and we have a list of agencies that are here to help you. Help is here.

To gain full access to the site we do ask that you take a moment to register here; however, registration is not required to post in the forums. We do ask that you remain respectful to all the users of L2W. If we feel you have violated any of our usage policies we reserve the right to immediately remove your posts, comments, etc.

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Please accept our apologies while we make some changes to the site. We will try to keep you informed of the changes as we make them, but forgive us if we miss some. Our goal is to make LtW a place you want to share your thoughts, ideas, and sadnesses. We hope you enjoy the changes that we are making and we hope you come back soon.

This is a test phase for LtW – any concerns, questions, complications or confusion…or if you just need to chat – email: admin@letterstowhom.com

7/24/18: We are in the process of moving to a more social network style site. We look forward to your continued support of LtW. At this time we will move away from the blog style site, please let us know if you would like us to move over the content posted as a blog.

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