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    hey there you beautiful thang,
    i see you and all you do. I’ve notices the smiles you put on the faces of those around you. how does a beautiful soul as yourself appear happy and broken at the same time? nevertheless these days stream of dried tears trumps that beautiful smile that lights up a room. Your warm and giving heart that God has given you has been shattered to pieces and i understand how we’ve gown to meet but we aren’t meant to be together. I know i make you act a tad reckless and i don’t allow you to think clearly at times but you are meant to do great things. i know i make those sunny day dark and the way i make you fell well to be honest isn’t for the weak at heart, but honey you are a bad bitch that should be force to be wreaked with with. i understand why you love so hard, i get why you push through all that i throw at you and yet you don’t let me win! GOOD! I’M GLAD!
    We’ve been intimate now for about five years now you’ve allowed me to take control of what was your life! When do you plan on leaving me for the sunnier side of the block? You’ve allowed yourself to drown in that wants and likes of others, what up with that? How do you mange be the baddest chick in the land if you fold to others? these are questions you need to get through that head girl. you are loved as well as being adored and most importantly you are respected! you need to loose that feeling of being lonely in a crowded room of people that fucken love you girl! AGAIN we are not meant to be together! you are meant to be great and do great things. you were put here to make a difference in this ever changing world. now prove those who doubt you wrong although you shouldn’t give two stones of what ANYONE has to say. you know what you are and everything i am is not in your stars boo-boo! So start flipping that love you given everyone and love yourself baby! you aren’t just a mom i understand t i let you feel your accomplishing anything and you feel i hold you back but remember always that there is a silver lining. what you fell as the struggle is simply a test by your broadcasting system. understand you cant be broken down any more then you are, trust me I’ve tried! So remember this Queen you are bold, smart, beautiful and powerful! Once you start believing it you’ll brighten everyone’s day including yours.
    -the grey

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    Do me a favor and read this everyday. It’s some solid power-fuel.

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